Whitsun 2021

Whit Monday dancing in the pandemic recovery period

In ordinary times this page is where you would find our dance programme, maps and other details to help you enjoy a visit to Bampton to see the Morris dancing. This year, along with the other Bampton Morris sides, we will be dancing reduced programmes for the people of Bampton and the sake of the tradition. We strongly urge Morris dancing afficianados not to travel to Bampton this year.

We will be dancing around the village, and easy for folks to find us. If you wish to watch, please remember to give us and any other spectators plenty of space. Of course we will not be offering pieces of the traditional cake. And we will be dancing with only a couple of practice sessions, so cut us some slack.

Sorry, but we are not
publishing a programme this year.

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Morris_Book.jpgOur illustrious fool has recently published his thoughts on the state of Morris dancing today. It is a no-holds-barred examination of the recent history and current challenges facing Morris dancing from a former Squire of the Ring and a man with a deep commitment to the tradition.

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