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Currently (and more or less always) in development.

This section is perpetually under construction. We have a large collection of photos spanning more than a century, and a few videos that have been digitized and passed on to the Morris Ring as the Arnold Woodley Collection. As time permits we will make a selection of this archive material available. In the meantime we have more recent photos and videos available below.

Photo collections available:

Current photo pages that are available
Photos from 2022 Activities
Photos and videos from 2021 Activities
Photos and video from Whit Monday in the year of the pandemic
Whit Monday 2019
Whit Monday and Mr Hemmings Day of Dance

Photo collections still in preparation (after the site make-over).




Videos on YouTube:

Videos of recent Whitsun dancing are appearing on YouTube.  Our thanks to our supporters for taking the time to capture and share those special days.

Whitsun 2019: From Dengie Films

Whitsun 2016: From Dengie Films Us performing at the Deanery toward the end of the day of dance. 

Whitsun 2013: Compilation video courtesy of Mr John Wippell

Whitsun 2013: "Trunkles" in front of the church, courtesy of Keith Leech

Whitsun 2013: Barry and Robert dance 'Bacca Pipes', courtesy of our Foreman

Whitsun 2012. Robert and Andrew Care dance Bacca Pipes (courtesy of DaveJLock) This is a pretty amazing performance.

Whitsun 2011 Compilation (courtesy of Mr John Wippell)

Archive film footage

YouTube contributor Bruce Wigney has posted some old footage of Bampton dating from the 1930s. A well-known Morris historian has suggested Whitsun 1938 as the date. The film opens with the floral judging (which still takes place) and at about 1 minute in you will see the 'Tanner Side' (our ancestors) dancing with the very recognisable Sam Bennett on fiddle. Jinky Wells' side follows.

Bampton Morris Dancing in the 1930s (1938?)


British Movietone film from Whitsun 1930

British Pathé film from Whitsun 1947