In the small West Oxfordshire town of Bampton (Bampton-in-the-bush) Morris dancing has a very long history, and the Morris is taken quite seriously. Bampton is one of the very few English towns or villages with a unique Morris tradition that has an unbroken history stretching back centuries. The Bampton Morris dances are among the most popular of the dances favoured by revival Morris sides in England and throughout the world. Today Bampton has no fewer than three Morris sides (or teams) representing the tradition.

Welcome to the web home of the Traditional Bampton Morris Dancers where you can learn about the Bampton Morris as embodied in the history and dances of our side.

Next Appearances

We will be welcoming two fine American Morris sides to Bampton on Thursday, 29 June, at the Romany Inn at 8:00 pm. Our guests are the Minnesota Traditional Morris Men and the Foggy Bottom Morris Men.

American Morris Visit flyer

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  • Written about 3 days ago
    We've got guests coming. Catch some great American Morris Thursday 29 June 8pm at the Romany.
  • Written about 4 weeks ago
    Some more of our friends @CharlburyMorris dancing at Lechlade show.
  • Written about 4 weeks ago
    RT @CharlburyMorris: Morris dancing with old Morris cars, and many more old classics at the Lechlade Rally. Catch us there in 30 minutes. h…