Traditional Bampton Morris in ealy 1940s. Arnold Woodley is second from right. (Photo courtesy of Morris Ring photo archives).


Pictures and video links the Traditional Bampton Morris Dancers

Currently in development.

This section is currently under construction. We have a collection of photos spanning more than a century, and a few videos. We are working in collaboration with the Morris Ring Photo Archives to scan and identify the Arnold Woodley collection of photos, and this will take some time.

As the archive material becomes available a selection of photos will be posted here. Identifying the old photos is an ongoing process, so if you have information about any that you see please contact us.

Videos on YouTube

Videos of recent Whitsun dancing are appearing on YouTube.  Our thanks to our supporters for taking the time to capture and share those special days.

Apologies. The popup for the YouTube videos isn't working at the moment. Right click on the links and open in a new window if you wish to see them.

Archive film footage

YouTube contributor Bruce Wigney has posted some old footage of Bampton dating from the 1930s. A well-known Morris historian has suggested Whitsun 1938 as the date. The film opens with the floral judging (which still takes place) and at about 1 minute in you will see the 'Tanner Side' (our ancestors) dancing with the very recognisable Sam Bennett on fiddle. Jinky Wells' side follows.